Documentary about Omar Khadr ‘Guantanamo’s Child’ nominated for Emmy


CBC News, July 24, 2020 | Full article by Mark Lamoureux: Guantanamo’s Child: Omar Khadr documentary nominated for Emmy

Fragments from the article:


Peter Raymont, the executive producer of the documentary, said he is honoured to be nominated. (White Pine Pictures)

Raymont said Omar Khadr is thrilled about the nomination.

“I called him right as soon as we found out about it and he’s delighted and very excited,” Raymond said.

“I think ongoing attention to his case and the injustice of Guantanamo Bay [is good.] There’s still detainees there, it’s disgraceful really that Guantanamo Bay remains open.”

Raymont said he wanted to be involved when he read Shephard’s book and was blown away by the story.

“I thought, boy, whenever Omar gets released or if we could interview him while he was in prison, we could make a very powerful film.”


The 37th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards will take place Sept. 21 in New York.

While Raymont said that being selected as a nominee alongside Shephard and Reed is a honour, he’s mainly happy he was able to help shine the light on Omar Khadr and the people around him.

“We’re very, very honoured that they chose us to tell the story.”

Omar Khadr: Out of the Shadows is a White Pine Pictures production in association with the CBC, and aired on CBC Firsthand.

From Canada, you can watch the nominated documentary in its entirety online here.