What can you do to help FREE Omar Khadr NOW?

1. Spread the word about Omar Khadr. SHARE THE FACTSHEET on your Social Media. When you live in Canada, inform your local politician with the facts.


2. Please DONATE to the legal expenses of Omar Khadr’s pro bono lawyer Dennis Edney. He spent all his life savings to the ongoing struggle for justice and freedom for Omar.

[+] FREE Omar Khadr NOW- FUND

3. If you are interested in writing a personal card or letter to Omar, you can send it to:

Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign,
Box 57112,
RPO E. Hastings,

We will be happy to pass your cards or letters to Omar.

4. Sign and share the PETITION: FREE Omar Khadr NOW

5. Like us on FACEBOOK: FREE Omar Khadr NOW, to hear the latest about Omar.

6. Follow us on TWITTER: FREE Omar Khadr NOW

7. Host an awareness EVENT about Omar Khadr: contact us for ideas or share your experience at [email protected]

8. Feel free to share the linked materials — please distribute widely!



Thank you!


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