Take Action!

What can you do to help FREE Omar Khadr NOW?

1. Spread the word about Omar Khadr. SHARE THE FACTSHEET on your Social Media. When you live in Canada, inform your local politician with the facts.

[+] FACTSHEET | Omar Khadr 

2. Please DONATE to support the FREE OMAR KHADR NOW campaign.

[+] FREE Omar Khadr NOW- FUND

3. Interested to send a personal letter to Omar? Omar’s lawyer has asked us to make our Free Omar campaign address available for that purpose. All mail will be redirected to Omar. Due to the many post that Omar receives since his release, we can not guarantee that he answers your letter.

Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign,
Box 57112,
RPO E. Hastings,

4. Sign and share the PETITION: FREE Omar Khadr NOW

5. Like us on FACEBOOK: FREE Omar Khadr NOW, to hear the latest about Omar.

6. Follow us on TWITTER: FREE Omar Khadr NOW

7. Host an awareness EVENT about Omar Khadr: contact us for ideas or share your experience at [email protected].

8. Feel free to share the linked materials — please distribute widely!

Thank you!


24 comments on “Take Action!

  1. I am from vancouver and i just heard that his lawyer, Dennis Edney is appealing the terrorism convictions of Omar khadr.I hope he is successful in the appeal.This is a crime against humanity what the canadian gov.is doing to Omar Khadr.The canadian gov. should be condemned for this act of treachery against Omar Khadr.Hopefully Omar Khadr will be out of prison soon.


  2. Hello, please tell me who is managing and endorsing this website? I support this cause but like to know who “owns/manages” it first.


  3. I heard that Omar Khadr was moved to a prison facility in Edmonton, do you have the address? And is he aloud to receive books? Please message me ASAP


    • hi Hoda, thank you for your concern and your willingness to write to Omar! Writing to him and letting him know we care and to show him he is not alone is one of the most important things that we can do. The page on our website where you are responding on has already the last address of Omar in Edmonton. And no sadly he is not allowed to receive books. He loves letters about daily life things and how normal people interact because he missed that part the most in the last 11 years.


  4. I recently came across Omar’s story, and I have not been able to get his voice out of my head…. (Against my better judgement…I watched a portion of his interrogation video)… My heart literally aches for what this boy and his family has been through. Ya Allah! Grant this family the sabr to endure the dunya…. and Jannat Al-Fardous for their sabir in the akhira. (AMEEN)


    • Thanks Josh for your question. The urge of this government to keep an innocent young man, convicted in an illegal court, in jail has cost Canada millions.
      Omar’s own legal expenses are all paid and done by his pro bono lawyer Dennis Edney, to whom we owe an incredible debt. With his fight for fundamental justice for Omar these past 10 years, he has worked by extension for all Canadians.


  5. Brother Umar u hv suffered more than anyone cn endure………have Faith in Almighty he is not indifferent with ur condition……..soon u,ll be a Free Bird……insha allah….


  6. I just read Omar has recently been relocated to Innisfail, AB - do you have an updated address for him there? I would really like to send him a letter of support, as I recently found out about his whole ordeal and it’s absolutely disgusting what the Canadian government is willing to do in order to make the US happy.


  7. I just watched the TVO program on Omar and it made me sick. Harper will go down in history as the most disgraceful, despicable, bias, lying, hypocritical bastard of a prime minister in Canadian history. He should go to jail for this! May Gofnd give him what he gave to Omar in return. May God bless Dennis, this man is a true humanitarian, a compassionate loving decent human. We need more men and women like him


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