Torture and Illegal Imprisonment of Omar Khadr


[+] Watch [ → click link here] graphic CBC video of the assault, arrest and illegal captivity of Omar Khadr. 


Facts of the US attack on the compound where Omar was staying:
— the first explosion, launched by the US, rendered Omar unconscious, with his left eye smashed and the right eye filled with shrapnel, as well as a shattered ankle;
— A US soldier hit by friendly fire died shortly after that attack.

After the 4-hour attack - US attempt to kill innocent child and hiding warcrimes by falsely blaming 15yo Omar:
— US soldiers shot Omar twice through his back after finding him lying unconscious and dying under the rubble of the destroyed building;
— The second survivor in the compound was shot point-blank through the head;
— The US doctored the field report to say that Omar was the sole survivor of the bombardment and was responsible for the death of the US soldier. After 6 years, the truth was revealed when the original field report was accidentally released during a press conference.

heavy air strikes on compound4-hour bombardment with 2,000 pounds of missiles on compound.Omar’s exit wounds, from shots in the back when found in a helpless position. U.S. soldiers shot Omar when they found him under the rubble of the bombarded building, hidden away against a wall. Shrapnel had already permanently blinded his left eye. Omar was immediately interrogated when he woke up, severely wounded, in his hospital bed in Bagram. 15-year-old Omar, hanging from his wrists in Bagram, for hours, when he didn’t give the answers they wanted.

…when Omar was transferred to Guantanamo the torture continued …

10 comments on “Torture and Illegal Imprisonment of Omar Khadr

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  2. If it has been established that Omar did NOT throw the grenade that killed the American, why on earth was he not released IMMEDIATELY? Who (Canada or U.S.) is responsible for still denying him his freedom? This seems like insanity!


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  4. Canada should take a stand against human rigts violations and particularly when those violations involve Canadian citizens. Canada has let young Mr. khadr down in a most reprehensible way by allowing American authorities to violate international laws with impunity. Shame on Harper and his ilk.


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  7. Many authorities in both our countries should be ashamed—for their punitiveness, cruelty, complete lack of sensitivity, and lawlessness (disregarding international norms that Khadr was a child!) Miraculously Khadr in his first public statement tonight showed that he is calm, gentle, hopeful, optimistic, grateful for his release, and totally positive-saying that freedom is even better than he imagined, looking forward “starting his life” and wanting to simply put the past behind. No sign of anger or recrimination or festering hate or anything. I was amazed and impressed!


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