The Free Omar Khadr Now campaign is a grassroots organization. It origins from January 2011 when Aaf Post approached individual activists for Omar and asked them to join forces to achieve the much needed freedom and justice for Omar. In 8 years we have grown into a lively and active team.

Our core activities are:

  • Maintaining a well-sourced website with current and background information on all aspects of the case;
  • Monitoring the media to encourage accurate and objective coverage of the Omar Khadr case;
  • Providing community reach out to schools, universities, faith based groups to educate the public on facts of the case.

Get in touch:

For journalists and reporters via our email contact :
[email protected]

Or via Our Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr and website:
Facebook FREE Omar Khadr NOW
Twitter FREE Omar Khadr NOW
Tumblr FREE Omar Khadr NOW



3 comments on “Contact

  1. As a private Canadian citizen, I would like to apologize to Khadr for our Gov’t’s abandoning and conspiring against you. In other conflicts, we recognize the plight of ” child soldiers”. In our own legal system, we recognize that minor children cannot be held to the same level of responsibility as adults. I hope you can forgive us for not rescuing you. For most of us, the idea that we have to fight to stop our gov’t from evading it’s moral obligations is still hard to accept. ( I know, we should have learned from the treatment our First Nations have suffered). Welcome home Khadr. I hope we can help you really be ” home “.
    Ms Chris Holmes.


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