Omar Speaks | Letter to his lawyer Dennis Edney from Guantanamo Bay

Letter Omar Khadr to Dennis EdneyDear Dennis:

I’m writing to you because sometimes there are things you can’t say, but rather write on paper, and even if I were to tell you you won’t understand. So anyway here are the things:

First: About this whole MC [Military Commission] thing we all don’t believe in and know it’s unfair and know Dennis that there must be somebody to sacrifice to really show the world the unfairness, and really it seems that it’s me. Know Dennis that I don’t want that, I want my freedom and life, but I really don’t see it coming from this way. Dennis you always say that I have an obligation to show the world what is going on down here and it seems that we’ve done every thing but the world doesn’t get it, so it might work if the world sees the US sentencing a child to life in prison, it might show the world how unfair and sham this process is, and if the world doesn’t see all this, to what world am I being released to? A world of hate, unjust and discrimination! I really don’t want to live in a life like this. Dennis justice and freedom have a very high cost and value, and history is a good witness to it, not too far ago or far away how many people sacrificed for the civil right law to take affect. Dennis I hate being the head of the spear, but life has put me, and as life have put me in the past in hard position and still is, I just have to deal with it and hope for the best results.

Second: The thought of firing everybody as you know is always on my mind so if one day I stop coming or fire you please respect it and forget about me, I know it is hard for you. Just think about me as a child who died and get along with your life. Of course I am not saying that will or won’t happen but its on my mind all the time.

Dennis. I’m so sorry to cause you this pain, but consider it one of your sons hard decisions that you don’t like, but you have to deal with, and always know what you mean to me and know that I will always be the same person you’ve known me and will never change, and please don’t be sad and be hopeful and know that there is a very merciful and compassionate creator watching us and looking out for us and taking care of us all, you might not understand these thing, but know by experience they have kept me how and who I am.

With love and my best wishes to you, and the family, and everybody who loves me, and I love them back in Canada, and I leave you with HOPE and I am living on it, so take care.

Your truly son,


26 May 2020 at 11:37am

P.S. Please keep this letter as private as can be, and as you see appropriate.

32 comments on “Omar Speaks | Letter to his lawyer Dennis Edney from Guantanamo Bay

  1. To-day Omar you have been released on bail, and having viewed your life on 60 Minutes - TV Programme I totally believe you have told the truth!
    I am delighted for you to-day, and also to Dennis Edney who has stood up for you and justice.

    To-day is a good day (eighty year woman who lives in Waterloo, Ontario.


    • I’m sorry I guess I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to leave my message, but here it goes. Mr. Dennis, words cannot express how much admiration and respect I have for you and your family. You truly have done Gods work with his guidance. I and so many others are overjoyed at the overdue release of Omar, and I just wanted to relay to Omar yourself and your family the sincere love I have for you in my heart. May God grant all of you the paradise you deserve, Ameen!, Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance for anything. One thing I would like to know is, why is it the Mr. Harper was not charged with child abuse? which he so dearly deserves.


  2. To-day Omar you have been released on bail, and having viewed your life on 60 Minutes - TV Programme I totally believe you have told the truth!
    I am delighted for you to-day, and also for Dennis Edney who has stood up for you and justice all the. I wish you the very best, and please make up for your missing life, and have a wonderful one.

    To-day is a good day (eighty year woman who lives in Waterloo, Ontario).


  3. I am ashamed of my country’s current government’s behavior re: Omar Khadr. Any 14-15 yr. old given direction by family and elders to participate in act of war, is a ‘child soldier’ and should be treated as such by according to international, and Canadian law. It is only because of the political value of Mr. Khadr’s case for appealing for votes from a conservative-right base, that the ‘Harper Government’ allowed the youth to be tortured and mistreated. Mr. Khadr’s release on bail (after 13 yrs. incarceration) is long over due and I hope the Canadian judicial system will sort out this shameful miscarriage of justice.
    I also hope the damage of growing up in prison under shockingly cruel treatment, can be healed. Thanks to the lawyers who have persisted these many years to see justice done.


  4. Dear Mr. Khadr,
    I am very pleased with this great announcement. Hoping you the very best. Recevez mes meilleurs sentiments. Marie Trudel Montréal, QC


  5. This Omar Khadr case is a true shame both for the United-States and Canada we have ignored our own rules on child soldiers and torture. American GIs have committed incredible atrocities in Vietnam (My Lai…) for which none were really punished except one or two individuals with 2-3 years house arrest! So should we still ask ourselves why does the world hate us so much…?


  6. My Dear Omar God Bless You Always and also you Lawyer Dennis Edney and his family Blessing from heavens I am so happy for the outcome…..

    Monica Veliz from Toronto, On


  7. Congratulations on this very special day! Omar shows us he is a man of humility, providing us with hope and inspiration for a better world through his graciousness, inquiry and truth. Hopefully he will raise humanity through his kindness and diplomacy, bringing us into peace. All the best, CC Ottawa


  8. Dear Mr. Khadr,

    I apologize on behalf of the Canadian government and welcome you into free society. I very much hope that you are treated with respect and warmth and feel the support that many of us have for you today. I am horrified at the actions of our country and apologize for the pain you went through for the stupidity of politics. Good luck-remember that many good people believe in you.!


  9. I’m beyond happy to hear of your bail. I hope the government won’t look for reason to continually target you. I know you lost some very important years of your life but you’re only 28 and you can change the world!! Best of luck and remember you had to go through all the hardship so that today you could shine.


  10. I applaud this lawyer for all his efforts over the years, he is a true humanitarian that stands for justice. God keep him safe and may he live long and prosper!


  11. I have watched the shameful way the Canadian government has treated you. I did not vote for them and I have spoken out against their divisive and hateful policies around anyone who gets in their way. But as a Canadian citizen, as a parent, I have felt sick that I was powerless to help unravel the legal mess you were put in. I am deeply deeply sorry.

    I hope that the support shown by the Edneys and others gives you comfort and a assurance that the majority of your fellow Canadians care about your welfare and wish you the best. I think that you the grace and gentleness that you showed last night as you spoke publicly for the first time was humbling. Most of us would not be able to move beyond bitterness for the mistreatment you have suffered, in speaking with such goodwill you have impressed us greatly: you ARE already the good person that you promise to become.

    I sincerely hope that you derive great joy from knowing that in spite of the vocal few who say hateful things, the vast majority of your fellow Canadians have been and will continue to be on your side. We know that after a 13 year ordeal (after what must have been a terrifying experience before that), rejoining an open society will be hard at times. You will feel anxious and overwhelmed. Take your time. We all feel that way at times without having endured what you have. Don’t feel badly for however you feel about your parents: parents are fallible humans and some have demons to contend with and they can unintentionally bring harm to those they most care about. Many of us who are old enough to be your parents appreciate that sorting out how you feel about your father will be hard, so let me just say, you don’t need to come to a judgement of him and his beliefs. Though he may have been, like all parents, a strong influence when you were young, you don’t have to account for him (I am sorry that reporters ask you this - it is cruel and unnecessary). Experience with a world outside our immediate families changes all our beliefs and worldviews, so you’re not alone in that either. Only your own views matter now and I’m glad for you that having been deprived of a warm and supportive home during your teens when people typically work out their own worldviews, you have had the friendship and obvious affection of the Edneys.

    Like many parents who care, I have been annoyingly long-winded here as I try to find the right mix of comfort, celebration and encouragement. Essentially I look forward to watching you walk away from a traumatic past towards a bright and fulfilling future. I wish you peace and happiness.


  12. As a grenade is an area neutralizing device, as opposed to a direct fire weapon, It would be interesting to see the forensic evidence employed to convict this person of murder, with the grenade having a danger area of 20 meters, it is not suggested for use in close quarter fighting, and when one explodes it is not possible to establish with any certainty as to were it came from, as a number of grenades used fail to explode in actual use, one cannot say that a grenade they threw in fact did harm to anyone. AS most grenades have a 3 second delay, they in fact are often thrown back , it is for that reason one must be well trained in the employment of this type of weapon, All this information should have been well known by those who tried this case at the military court, and with the lack of proof should have been thrown out the charge of murder…..


  13. Mr. Khadr,
    I hope that your experience as a free man proves that the majority of Canadians do not share our Prime Minister’s feelings. I am continually impressed by your positive outlook. You seem like the kind of person that could teach the rest of us a great deal. I am so happy to know that you were released on bail and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.


  14. Good luck and I wish you the very best. You exemplify hope and courage and you are only asking for a chance which Canadians, in their generosity, will, I am sure, give you. Life your life Omar. Thank you Dennis and Nate for exemplifying the best of what Canada should mean.


  15. Omar,
    Congratulations on your release from prison. What Canadian governments, especially the Harper Government, have allowed to be done to you and are still allowing to be done to you is dispicable. You were taken as a child and indoctrinated in hatred and terrorist ideology. As I listened to you speak yesterday I was so impressed with your humbleness and intelligence. You are far more gracious and forgiving than I. You will do well in Canada, just don’t let the racists goad you into anything foolish. Watch you back, Omar, there are many seriously sick people in Canada. You can read their nonsense daily on the CBC comment boards. Thank you Denis Edney for everything you have done for Omar, you are a TRUE Canadian, we care about ALL of our citizens!


  16. Dear Omar,

    I have prayed for the day the Creator of the Heavens and Earth will open those doors to freedom for you. I pray for the best for you in this life and hereafter. Ameen

    Sometimes things do not make sense, as to how seemingly civilized, mature and respectful peoples behave out of so much hate and bigotry. It is what it is. You said it best. I believe the same Creator has big dreams for you in the future. I heard a lecture once that the prophet Joseph was in a well for few days, thrown by his own brothers, then in jail for years accused for crimes he never committed. And the Creator released him beyond anyone’s imagination to become King of Egypt and to show so much mercy to the brothers that once betrayed him. I do not know what it is, but I believe there is something GREAT waiting for your beautiful patience. Imagine prophet Joseph was a son of a prophet, who was also a son of another prophet. If he can be tested like that, then who are we? Be strong Omar, hang in there, you have so many people praying for you, cheering for you and truly you will teach us all something about a beautiful patience.

    a citizen of Canada
    …..from Toronto


  17. Dear Omar

    I have watched your case from the inception and your trials and tribulations. We Canadian Muslims have failed you as we lack leadership and backbone; and we have watched how the conservatives have treated you for the last decade. Your lawyer is right in stating that Harper is a bigot. I wish you the best.


  18. Dear Omar,

    I believe in you and have so since the beginning. I was so glad to see you free . There was a light in your eyes, truth and pure joy in your smile; I felt like holding tight in my arms that frightened boy you were yesterday, but today I saw a happy, worthy man. May justice finally be done, and may you live a good life at last! Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde.



  19. Dear Omar,
    You are a brave and patient man. When my family and I saw you on television smiling with this noor(light) on your face , we were amazed by your courage. We are so proud and happy for you. We are waiting to see you graduating and becoming a doctor. You deserve all you want! My best wishes for you!
    Dear Dennis,
    Thank you for all that you did and still do for Omar. I want to become a lawyer and you are an inspiration for me.

    Warmest regards
    Salam (peace)


  20. Hello Omar and Dennis,
    Here is part of an email I sent to my family and friends:

    Hello family and friends,
    I have just completed viewing this OUTSTANDING documentary on Al Jazeera
    I found it to be extremely disturbing in regards how humans can become less than human. Yet in the documentary you will see a person who has been mistreated, tortured and abused, denied human rights, human decency and justice, and in spite of all this, here is a person who goes onto portray the most outstanding qualities of humanity.
    It is a story of injustice, a story that we should all see and hear. It is also an outstanding story of a person rising above what would have destroyed me if I had been Omar. (Here is the link so that you can view it - pass it onto family and friends.)
    Perhaps you may find yourself asking yourself the questions in this particular event: “Just who are the real terrorists? How is it that “we good people” can behave with such depravity?”
    And to end it all, the Canadian Government want this “bad” person back in gaol.

    Omar, it is beyond my capacity to comprehend the pain, the fear, the horror of what you experienced throughout those diabolical years. If there is a God, I trust and pray that he will comfort you in the night time of your fears when memories haunt you. (I am a former Anglican priest who struggles with a belief in the goodness of God.)
    Peace be with you dear child of God


  21. Dear Omar,

    you will probably never read this letter. So, why I feel I must write it? My (poor) mind doesn’t give me the choice. I rejoice so deeply of your inner journey… with the respect of apologies I express for all this awful treatments and non-considerations you’ve experiment.

    I’m so inspired how you’ve transformed adversity. You have a deep understanding of sufferings that others go through, giving you the real meaning of liberty: compassionates states of mind. I wish I will have your wisdom someday. I wish to “live” this understanding, because that day, I will stop hurting others with a little bit of this and a lot of that.

    Everybody can do negatives actions. Good or bad people does’t exist, there is just actions done under deluded minds. Anger, jealousy, wrong views and misunderstandings of the spiritual path, negative influence… Every body can kill someday. It just need a instant of delusions in our mind.

    As my brothers in jail, you’re my teacher. Please have a thought for them. Conditions are going worst in Canada. Program are cuts. Young offenders are treat as adult now. But kids are kids. The kind of offense done with or without violence doesn’t change this reality they are kids.

    I rejoice of this incredible virtue and engagement your “father by affection” manifest and the welcoming of his family.

    An ex-volunteer in jail, still promoting restorative justice principles.
    Well, I had wrote this letter for nothing.
    Hope at least, it will take the path of my mind and help me to sit and meditate. I must take the essence of this precious life.

    I wish the best for you and your executioners. May they transform the culpability in peaceful regrets to be able to purify their mind.
    PLEASE DONATE, 10$ OR 20$


  22. I woke up today with thoughts of Omar Khadr so I searched online to see if his situation had changed and gladly it seems it has. Three days ago I watched the movie of the child Omar’s interrogation and incarceration and it affected me on a very deep humane level. I have heard of Guantanamo and the war on terror but I had not truly looked at it or given it any more than a small amount of attention and that is because I knew it would only add to the hurt I feel in regards to these sort of things existing in a civilised world that I am a small part of. I am sorry Omar but I am also greatly thankful that you have been revealed the world of so many. Your story is a story that should transcend war, hate and fear. Everyone who cared for you and everyone who helped you should live long and blessed life’s because they are the foundation on which a civilised world will be built. There is love for all of you in this part of the world and I would like to send you my love and support. Your lawyer is from my part of the world and makes me feel a certain amount of pride as he is a truly amazing person with an amazing family. I have only tears of joy and compassion my friend. Love and support for you all.


  23. Omar is free as is now due to the personnel interest of MR.Dennis Edney based on his view about international human rights, he thought that if he can use his talent to free and provide real justice to some Canadian citizen,who was denied for justice from international court and the EX. PRIMINISTER of Canada. Mr. Stephen Harper.I PERSONALLY TAKE THIS AS A WAR BETWEEN CANADIAN LAW, JUSTICE SYSTEM AND DENNIS EDNEY EXPERIENCE UNDER THE CANADIAN LAW.I am so thankful to Mr.Dennis to show the brass of CANADA EX. PRIMINISTER STEPHEN HARPER AND CANADIAN LAW THAT WHAT HE SAID THAT WAS RIGHT NOT BY INFLUENCED by CONCERN GOERNMENT but by his study and knowledge within canadian Law.I know there are lots of people in Canada who did not get real justice and died and spend the time in bar not having living human being and human right activity like Mr.Dennis Edney.I believe and sure he will accomplish his mission towards international human right freedom via Omar Karter soon, I will not pray to God but I will pray to work towards MR.Dennis Edney job to accomplish as soon as possible to
    prove the world what he said that was right and thank you and i beleive there will be more and more human right activists will be on this mother earth planet to restore and expertise of human right and thank you Dennis Edney.Canadian Law Blessed you.


  24. This shines a clear light on all that is happening now with the latest fad war on terrorism. The idea that one should have more rights in another country than the citizens of that country is absurd, but that’s how we are behaving - as long as it’s not our country and it’s way over there, no problem, Americans come first. Omar’s sister’s comments were right. If someone attacks my country I’ll fight back, and so will everybody else.
    Omar Khadr has risen above the incredible lawlessness and lies and slop of this crazy invasion, and I hope we take a good lesson and respect and be kind to people of all religions and just smarten up. I love how people are rallying for the Syrians, as we should do.
    His lawyer is a saint. He nearly gives me faith in humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Dear Omer,

    I am really glad for your freedom, was long overdue, was a really shame a 15 years old child went under hardness, under tortures , was a shame that our Canadian government was doing nothing, and breaking international Geneva’s law and International rules. War and occupation itself a crime. World needs peace.
    But I thanks of Canadian American good people from all nationality who working for peace.
    I thanks of your good lawyer ( Dennis ) hard work and kind to bring justice and his work to bring you back in your home ( Canada). And I really happy as I have heard about your education, and your courage to stand for present and future. I wish all the best for you and I once again many thanks of your Lawyer and his Wife who have been doing remarkable work for your freedom , your health, your education. All the best and I wish the peace and justice came in the world soon.


  26. Dear Omar,
    It is so wonderful to hear all the positive news about your life…..your education, your upcoming marriage and most of all your beautiful spirit filled with love and forgiveness.
    You are truly a very special person!
    I am the lady you spoke to on the phone when you first came out of the courtroom with Dennis and were free! I had called Dennis to congratulate him and the two of you were having lunch during the break in the court. I promised you I was going to make kibbe and tabbouleh for you and I still am holding to that promise. My partner Michael has promised to make you his special chicken or lamb curry.
    I hope to meet you one day….if you are coming to Montreal, you and your wife to be are welcome to come and stay with us. We have lots of room for you!

    In the meantime, I wish you a life blessed with happiness and love and courage.

    You are blessed!


    Sandra Shatilla
    Montreal, Quebec


  27. We do not watch TV & did not learn about Omar’s release through the enormous effort of the dedication of Dennis Edney until today when my husband and I listened in awe to Dennis’ presentation on ‘Ideas in the Afternoon’. May God continue to bless you & to give you grace. We pray for you in thanksgiving.


  28. Dear Omar

    The other day my 9 year old son and I heard your lawyer speak on CBC. I have to say, we were quite moved. Regardless of what happened, we certainly agree that it was wrong for you to be jailed without trial and be treated as an adult. We wish you well in your future life hope you have a fulfilling life in Canada.


  29. Well, well! It’s time for Omar to finally
    get on with his life, and I thank his
    lawyer Dennis Edney for making
    this possible. Apparently Mrs.
    Edney was also a big supporter
    to this cause, many thanks
    to her as well!
    Omar, forgive us all, and get on
    with your life!
    Love and Blessings


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