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Paul Tetrault


9 comments on “Thank You for Your Donation

  1. The way this government has scapegoated this young man is deplorable! It’s time for all Canadians to stand up and do the right thing.


  2. Empty Guantanamo now, to make room for Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld.
    It’s never to late to prosecute actual war criminals. Be well Omar.


  3. I just made a donation. It’s not much, but every dollar counts. The federal government wants Omar Khadr tried as an adult offender. He was only a teenager! Why does PM Harper have such a vendetta against a child?! Omar has suffered unnecessarily. Let it go, Harper!


  4. Dear Omar,

    I wish you every success in your lawsuit against the canadian government to ensure that justice is rendered to you. They are the criminals, not you! And I wish you all the best. Sincerely.


  5. I just made my second donation to this very worthy cause. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your courage, Mr Edney, in taking up Omar Khadr’s cause in the best interest of all Canadians. The appalling, shameful abuse this young man suffered at the hands of the US government with the willing support and acquiescence of our own government was not conducted in my name or in that of any true Canadian. Stay the course, Mr Edney. And as for Omar Khadr. The greeting is long overdue, but at long last, welcome home!

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  6. I’ve just Donated $50, but planning to make recurring donations to make it sustainable. I cannot find words to express my admiration to Dennis Edney and his wife for all they have done for Omar. I am very disappointed in the Muslim community though. when he was incarcerated very few stood for him. But after he was released they attitude changed. Omar needed their support more when he was incarcerated. But help is still needed. I hope people will not forget about Omar’s horrific case and will do what they can do to help.


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