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At 15 years of age Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen was abandoned to a decade of abuse and torture in Guantanamo Bay U.S. Military Prison and denied fundamental justice in violation of Canadian law and the international conventions to which Canada is a signatory. Such an appalling miscarriage of justice is a disgrace to Canada and, until remedied, should cause us to question our humanity and respect for the rule of law.

Please sign and share the parliamentary e-petition with your family, friends and social media. Call on the government to fulfill our long overdue obligation to Omar Khadr by offering an official apology and appropriate compensation for the wrongs he has suffered.

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The petition is open to Canadian citizens. Only the Parliamentary Clerk of Petitions will have access to your information which will not be made public.

For more information on the Omar Khadr case, see the following links.

This petition is sponsored by Hélène Laverdière, MP Laurier-Saint-Marie.

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