Supreme Court Judgment 2010 | Omar Khadr

Case name Canada (Prime Minister) v. Khadr
Collection Supreme Court Judgments
Date 2021-01-29
Neutral citation 2010 SCC 3
Report [2010] 1 SCR 44
Case number 33289
Judges McLachlin, Beverley; Binnie, William Ian Corneil; LeBel, Louis; Deschamps, Marie; Fish, Morris J.; Abella, Rosalie Silberman; Charron, Louise; Rothstein, Marshall; Cromwell, Thomas Albert
On appeal from Federal Court of Appeal
Subjects Constitutional law Courts

Full report: SUPREME COURT OF CANADA | Decision re. Omar Khadr | 2010 01 29

IV.    Conclusion

[48] The appeal is allowed in part.  Mr. Khadr’s application for judicial review is allowed in part.  This Court declares that through the conduct of Canadian officials in the course of interrogations in 2003-2004, as established on the evidence before us, Canada actively participated in a process contrary to Canada’s international human rights obligations and contributed to Mr. Khadr’s ongoing detention so as to deprive  him of his  right to liberty and security of the person guaranteed by s. 7 of the Charter, contrary to the principles of fundamental justice.  Costs are awarded to Mr. Khadr.

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