Omar Speaks | “Truly Omar”, his letters to friends

Omar’s gentle nature is clearly portrayed through his words in his letters to his many friends:

  • Schermafbeelding 2020-10-03 om 12.21.18

    Omar in Bowden Institution, 2014

    “I can never get used to people who care for me without knowing me personally. It is always heart-warming and reassuring, and it never ceases to inspire me to keep on going. People like yourselves are what we, as Canadians, pride ourselves with, the generosity to empathize with others in hardship and suffering.”

  • “… Thank you for your wonderful cards and kind words. … Since I’ve come to Edmonton I’ve been feeling more connected to this beautiful city and it’s wonderful people. Everytime I see somebody new or somebody writes to me I feel that I belong to Edmonton and that makes my heart warm. It’s a gratifying feeling to belong to a place and to know that you are cared about and thought of. For that I’m eternally grateful to you, the city of Edmonton and all its wonderful people. …”

Omar's words

  • “… One of the blessings that came with my hard experience is coming to know such wonderful people like yourself. We as humans are special from other creatures (among other things) by the ability to extend our hands in help and support to those who are in need. Being able to be compassionate with our fellow humans is what defines us as Canadian. …”
  • “… Usually we don’t appreciate the small things. We take them for granted. Once you lose these things like opening your window in the morning and taking a breath of fresh air or seeing a bird chirping, you really appreciate these things. Even though I’m in prison there are still a lot of small beautiful things around us. Seeing the sun rise or set or to see the snow fall. …” 
  • “… The pictures were almost surreal. These places are so pretty you only want to look at them and not touch anything for worry that you might disturb the beauty. … I have to admit I can’t choose my favorite picture because each one is better then the other. …”
  • “… It’s very odd how things happen in life. One good thing that came out of my ordeal is knowing wonderful people like yourself. …”
  • “… It’s wonderful what ink and paper can do. It can connect people from opposite sides of the world. …”
  • “… I have to admit that this experience is not easy. I thank God for keeping me safe and with blessing me with an open heart and mind. …”
  • “… My new place is different definitely. People are generally nice, but with a lot of bad habits. Life here compels you to live like an animal because it is like a jungle. I have to change a little to defend myself, but not loose my humanity and who I am. …”
  • “… It’s very heart warming to know that there are wonderful people like yourself (not that I believed there wouldn’t be) who will take the time and effort to show their care and love. …”
  • “… In life there are things that remind us that there are others who have gone through hardship too. That is how I felt when I read Long Walk to Freedom. A man has gone through a lot but came after 27 years a better man for himself and his people. …”
  • “… I’m so happy to finally be in Canada, and even happier to be welcomed. It is so heartwarming to know that I’m not alone, and that there are wonderful people (like you) who care about me and wish me good luck. …”

A letter from Omar Khadr, from Millhaven Institution:

“Dear —,

It is soo nice to finally get your lovely card. — mentioned this card for me before, and I told her that I haven’t received it yet. There was a lot of anticipation on my part to get your letter. From what — told me, and what I read in your card I know you were lovely people. I look forward, in the near future, to meet you, and to get to know your family better.

It’s reassuring for me and heartwarming to know that there are people, other then your family, who care about me. When it gets lonely here for me, I always remember that there are wonderful people who care about. And it’s always something to look forward to, is meeting you.

Should and when that day comes. I would love to see Amsterdam. I know it is beautiful, especially in the summer time. Maybe you can give me a tour when that day comes. This will be something we both look forward to.

Being back in Canada is, as you said, a wonderful thing. As big or difficult  change may be, it’s worth it. The light of goodness out light  shadow that might be. There are to many good things in this life (as hard as it might be) to worry or even care about the bad thing. Things are what we make out of them. Prison can be a deprivation of freedom, or a time to enlighten ourselves. For me it is the latter.

Before I run out of space, I wish you a wonderful holidays and a a happy new year: filled with joy and happiness.

Till next time. I send you my warmest greetings (for your cold winter in the Netherlands) and best wishes. Take care and thanks for your kindness towards me and my family.



23 comments on “Omar Speaks | “Truly Omar”, his letters to friends

  1. Touched by Mr. Khadr’s handwritten letter. It truly is remarkable for him to come to the place where he is able to express sincerity and wisdom beyond his age, especially given his loss of innocence at such early age. Having endured years of torture and isolation in darkness, Mr. Khadr speaks of gratitude!
    Mr. Khadr, I salute you for your eloquent expression of thoughts.


  2. I too have received cards and letters from Omar over the past year similar to those quoted above. I am always amazed at the grace and courage of this young man who has found a way out of darkness and sees only light. I can’t wait to someday meet him and hope that daycomes soon. He is truly a miracle and we can all learn from him. I know his future will be bright.
    Blessings Omar, you are a


  3. I live in Victoria, not Edmonton but all the letters I have received from Omar reflect this same appreciation and kindness. I often say Omar practises “radical forgiveness”. He has taught me more than I could ever give him. What a gift!


    • I was wondering if there is a current forwarding address (as of June 2015) to send encouraging cards or letters to Omar now that he is out on bail??? Any feedback would be appreciated.


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  10. What a remarkable, inspiring, upright, dignified man. There’s few people who can last an ordeal like what he went through.
    Come to think of the world there’s ordinary people, then there’s real men, but then there’s legends; here is a legend.


  11. As someone who has been corresponding with Omar these past two years I totally agree. I have a friend who deals in the deeper things in life and she believes that Omar is a prophet who has been sent to teach us. Who knows?

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    • Hi,

      I looked at the previous comments on how to contact Omar Khadr but it was dated to last year and now he is living with Dennis Edney, God bless him for all his help getting Omar Khadr out. Many years ago when I first heard about Omar Khadr’s story I was in the library of my university and was reading the book written about him I only could read a few pages before running out and crying amd screaming just thinking about what he went through. He is truly amazing and anyone can fall in love with his smile. He has always been in my heart since day 1 when I found out about him. I made a promise to myself that if he ever got out I would visit him. How do I send a letter now? Is it possible to go meet him?


  12. Hello,

    Omar and his story has truly touched the lives of family and I. I don’t know why, but its like he’s a part of my family and we care for him like we would about anyone at our home. I look him up every day online to see any new developments or just simply check what he might have been up to! Omar proved not only to be a remarkable young man, but the definition of a true Canadian ❤ Omar, you make all the Canadian proud and may you continue to be as amazing as your words and actions are! Cant wait to have you back in Toronto and maybe see you one day soon!

    If I send a letter to Omar, does he real all of them and does he write back?


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