Twitterstorm Feb 9 - Omar Khadr’s Right to be Heard

On February 9 the Federal Court will hear the Canadian media’s application, arguing that it is in the public interest that Omar should be heard. This application is being opposed by the Conservative government who wishes to silence Omar.

We are holding a TWITTERSTORM on Feb 9, using the hashtag #Khadr, at:

  • 1 pm PST (Vancouver),
  • 4 pm EST (Toronto, Ottawa), 
  • 9 pm GMT (London UK) 

Join the TWITTERSTORM using the prepared tweets below and while we’d like it to trend for one hour — please feel free to use the tweets or make new #Khadr tweets throughout the day.


Also intrigued what the Ca Govt has to hide by silencing Omar #Khadr ? Join the TWITTERSTORM #cdnpoli

Are our rights at stake today? Omar #Khadr ‘s right to speak is our right to speak AND our right to know. #cdnpoli

“My impression of Omar #Khadr is that he’s an articulate, thoughtful, non-radicalized individual” Why silence him?

Today Canadian media are in court to argue the public interest to hear Omar #Khadr. The Canadian govt fights this for unexplained reasons.

.@MinStevenBlaney has frequently spoken out on #Khadr. believes Canadians have right to hear both sides of this story

And again the Canadian taxpayer must suffer from the Govt’s attempts to thwart Omar #Khadr. Toronto Star, CBC, and WP Pictures go to court.

A full update on Omar #Khadr. FACTSHEET: and FREE OMAR CAMPAIGN WEBSITE: #cdnpoli

Let Omar #Khadr Speak! By silencing him, @pmharper is violating the constitutional protection of the public’s right to know.

Ignoring Omar #Khadr’s rights by the Ca govt is an abuse of our collective rights and the foundations of our society.

13yrs illegally detained and no chance to speak to media, yet @MinStevenBlaney grabs every option to falsely label Omar #Khadr as terrorist.

We invite you to read Omar’s own words. Omar #Khadr Speaks - letters to his friends: #cdnpoli

Dennis Edney, lawyer Omar #Khadr “The worst thing is that we bequeath this legacy to our children.” Article: #cdnpoli

The rule of law must be applied to everyone or it means nothing. And if it means nothing, none of us are safe. #Khadr

While the Ca gov spends millions of taxpayers money to fight Omar’s rights, we ask you to support #Khadr defense team

Today Federal Court in Toronto hearing OMAR #KHADR’S application arguing that it is in the public interest Omar be interviewed by the media.

.@pmHarper - OMAR #KHADR has a constitutional right to tell his true story to the Canadian public through the media. TAKE AWAY THE GAG ORDER

.@pmHarper - Canadians deserve to know the truth about OMAR #KHADR, not Harper-Cons’ self-serving propaganda. Let the press interview Omar.

Hear Dennis Edney, Lawyer Omar #Khadr. “What Does This Say About Humanity?” #cdnpoli #Ottpoli #topoli

.@pmHarper - It is our constitutional right to know the truth about OMAR #KHADR, and what he has experienced at the hands of US & Cdn govts.

.@pmHarper - Canadians & the world want to know why govt allowed Cdn citizen OMAR #KHADR to be tortured/abused from age 15 in US hellholes?

.@pmHarper Canadians & our Courts don’t accept confessions made under duress of torture & abuse. FREE OMAR #KHADR NOW

.@pmHarper - Why is Cdn citizen OMAR #KHADR jailed in Canada? Stop adding insult to injury. Innocent men don’t belong in jail.

.@pmHarper - OMAR #KHADR wants to be a contributing member of our society, not languish in Cdn jails. FREE OMAR!

Dean Osborne welcomed lawyer Omar #Khadr to Carleton. Spoke about ‘inconvenient truth’ and roles of Universities.

.@pmHarper Canadians dont want to hear Cons’ fear-mongering propaganda against OMAR #KHADR. We want to hear him speak

.@pmHarper - OMAR #KHADR needs immediate eye surgery to save his vision & continue his education. FREE HIM SO HE CAN LIVE A NORMAL LIFE

.@minstevenblaney Your govt has spent millions of taxpayer dollars in order to challenge every court which defends Omar #Khadr’s rights.

.@minstevenblaney Your govt continues to deny basic tenet of democracy-freedom of the press & public’s right to know. Let Omar #Khadr speak

.@minstevenblaney Your govt violates fundamental rights of Omar #Khadr & wastes millions of taxpayers $ to challenge court decisions.

.@minstevenblaney You have lost your relentless campaign to demonize Omar. Cdns believe in #Omar, his innocence and his right to be free.

.@minstevenblaney - Cdns will soon hear from Omar and will realize we have allowed unforgivable violations of his rights & our humanity.

.@minstevenblaney Omar #Khadr’s ‘sentence’ in a judicially-corrupt Gitmo military tribunal grave breach of Gen. Conventions & crime in Cda.

.@pmharper - Cdn courts have found our government implicated in the torture of Canadian citizen Omar #Khadr. Free Omar Now

.@pmharper - All Canadians complicit in the torture of a 15-year-old child. Free Omar #Khadr Now

.@pmharper - The rule of law and Omar #Khadr’s human rights subordinated by a government acting in the name of security. Free Omar Now

.@pmharper - The case of Omar #Omar shows how easily society can fall into lawlessness. Violations of his rights must be redressed.

The Right to Speak, Freedom and a University Degree is the least Omar #Khadr deserves. … #cdnpoli

Freedom of Speech? While we are not allowed to hear Omar #Khadr speak the Canadian govt never misses an opportunity to slander Omar #Khadr.


Thank you for joining us in Omar’s struggle for justice and freedom!

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