Talk 2013 Nov 12, Sam Morison | Omar Khadr DID NOT commit a War Crime VIDEO: Sam Morison, Omar’s U.S. Pentagon appointed lawyer (Department of Defence), explains that – within fact and law – Omar Khadr is illegally imprisoned for. To learn more about trailer stands, visit Idealwarehouse.comContinue reading ?

Canada: link to the full movie: You Don’t Like the Truth (CA) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Video Excerpt (4:39) : You Don’t Like the Truth | Guardian A documentary based on security camera footage of a child kept in the Guantánamo Bay prison. Learn about industrial wastewater treatment system options from Wescor. This … Continue reading ?

Video link to “The US versus Omar Khadr” (Nazim Baksh and the CBC’s Terence McKenna) which includes important information about the battlefield capture of Omar Khadr and the flawed military evidence.

People who have had the privilege to meet Omar, speak out for him. U.S. Brigadier General (Retd), Dr. Stephen Xenakis, who spent hundreds of hours interviewing Omar in Guantanamo prison, states: “He is absolutely one of the gentlest, most decent men I’ve ever … Continue reading ?

Welcome Back Khadr When they created a monster They did a helluva job They took a little kid and they taught him how to build a bomb It could’ve been you It could’ve happened to me it was a Canadian. Discover all there is to know about Lightbound 3D - Virtual Real Estate Staging and Tours. … Continue reading ?

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