Omar Speaks | Through his Work of Art

Omar has produced beautiful artwork at Guantánamo Bay. While his sensitive work speaks for itself, his art teacher was especially impressed by the soft nature of her pupil.
hope for a peaceful life

From June 2009 Omar visited her art class twice a week. She appoints that Omar is smart, calm, polite and easy going. He is a fast learner. He often paints landscapes and greeting cards. Omar is friendly with everybody and follows the rules. His peaceful character is expressed in his artwork.

Hope for a peaceful life

Omar Art Citrus

Source: defense powerpoint on DoD MC site during trial 2010

3 comments on “Omar Speaks | Through his Work of Art

  1. I completly aggre with you and I pray for Omar, hoping that one day, he will be given the opportunity to live a normal life. Have a nice day and may God bless you.


    • Indeed, God hear you, Ginette Boudreau, I also wish that God bless him. Because these artworks are made by this exceptional and kindness person with a heart of a true Muslim, I have found a way to honor his memory by setting his artworks up on my children’s bedroom wall… One day, I will tell Omar’s story to them.

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