The Free Omar Khadr Now campaign was launched in 2011. By now the campaign has evolved into a vibrant and active team, with the following core activities:

  • Maintaining a well-sourced website with current and background information on all aspects of the case;
  • Monitoring the media to encourage accurate and objective coverage of the Omar Khadr case;
  • Providing community reach out to schools, universities, faith based groups to educate the public on facts of the case;
  • Fundraising for Omar’s pro bono lawyer to help with ongoing legal costs.

Get in touch:

Our contacts for journalists and reporters:
Kathleen Copps, Aaf Post and Sara Naqwi
[email protected]

Publishers Free Omar website:
The full team

Editors: Aaf Post and Sara Naqwi
[email protected]

Our Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr and website:
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For funding Omar’s pro bono lawyer Dennis Edney, you can contact:
Paul Tetrault, Kathleen Copps and Aaf Post
[email protected]

All our Free Omar campaign groups in Vancouver, Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Toronto, London (UK) and Amsterdam (NL) can be reached at:
[email protected]

Founder campaign:
Aaf Post
[email protected]



19 comments on “Contact

  1. Salam aleykum,
    i just found your website,
    can you give me the adress for sending letters to him?
    and i need the conditions about writing omar khadr. things that allowed and not allowed to write.
    i need omar khadr’s current address, because i found 3 addresses and i dont know which one is right..
    please reply!


  2. Il serait tellement important que vous fassiez traduire une partie de l’information en français. Au Québec, nous sommes vraiment sensibles depuis des années au sort d’Omar Kadr. Je viens tout juste de revoir pour la troisième fois le reportage “Vous n’aimez pas la vérité - 4 jours à Guantanamo“. Je vais partager le lien sur facebook


    • Thank you for your comment. Yes we desperately need people in our team who write French fluently. Do you also know our FreeOmar Facebook page?


    • “Oui, c’est très important d’offrir les renseignements en français. On cherche des volontaires qui peuvent nous aider avec la traduction. Si cela vous intéresse, si vous plaît envoyer un courriel (fr[email protected]), ou nous laisser un autre message ici.
      Est-ce que vous sachiez de notre page sur Facebook?
      Merci encore pour votre message important!”


  3. Hi there,

    Since the release of Omar Khadr yesterday, I have been overwhelmed by emotions and was wondering if his release has affected other Canadians the same way.

    All I want to do is cry as I learn more about the physical and mental pain and suffering he has had to endure and then to see such a beautiful, gentle young man in front of Mr. and Mrs. Edney’s home speaking so eloquently and thoughtfully.

    My heart goes out to him as I write this with tears in my eyes.

    As a mother of three young adults, I have never been so moved by such a story and am in total awe at how resilient and beautiful Omar Khadr really is after the hell he went through.

    I have donated to Omar’s fund; is there anything else I can do to help?

    Also, is he going to be ok? Is he going to get the treatment he needs for his vision? He deserves nothing but the best medical attention, love and support by all of us who abandoned him so many years ago.

    Thank you,


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  4. Hello there, I am so happy that Omar is released on bail and that you kindly accepted to give him shelter until his appeal. You say you are looking for people who can translate in French? I am offering my help to do so. I do not have any money to give because I am poor but this could be my way to offer my help to Omar and to the layers who supported him since many years.
    So, please feel free to contact me for translating anytime and tell Omar all my wishes for him to be able to find a happy life even with the post traumatic shoc he is surely experiencing.
    Truely yours,

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  5. This message is for the Lawyer Dennis Edney and his wife and of course the other Assistant Lawyer too. Kudos to you millions times.
    Mr. and Mrs Dennis: You are Angels and may Allah-Creator-GOD grant yu Paradise. Most probably HE has already granted it to yu in writing the report..
    What you have done for Omar and have become loving Parents to him that is
    out of this world.
    You have shown the true humanity.
    May GOD bless you and may Omar return the same love and care you hve
    given to him.
    I would advise to Omar not to reply to any who are asking to contact him. Just keep away from the Social media as you can’t trust anybody. Instead just spend time in being Human Rights Activists and get involved with such groups who are honest in their work.
    May GOD bless you.
    Ms. G.


  6. Please know that as alot of Canadians post their racist views alot really don’t understand and not all us Canadians feel this way. I have a German canadian background and was raised a Catholic. This is not religious or political. What happened to you and what you have gone through is devastating. I don’t know how anyone could suffer that way and not be full of hate. I don’t know how but I am hopeful you will forgive and see love. I am 32 years old now and have been following your story for a long time. Please just know I am not alone and their are alot of us. We just seem to be quieter.

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  7. I support Omar Khadr 200%, and am very happy that the government apologized and awarded a financial settlement. it was the right thing to do. This was not only about Omar. But as for Omar, I admire his equanimity and respect his wish to make up for what he lost, to get on with his life and help people. I want you to know that I wish you well, and I know that a significant number of other people do, too, in spite of what we hear in the media.

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  8. Omar - I am also a Canadian citizen, I hurt when I read what was done to you by our Government, they deserted you when you needed them the most, for that I am so sorry. I admire your courage, every time I hear you speak I think - what a remarkable man!!! Best wishes for a long and happy life, know that we care. You WILL find a job. You WILL be the shinning light in many lives for years to come. Take care and know that many many Canadians feel exactly the way I do. GOD bless you always.


  9. Dear Mr Khadr,
    I don`t have much new to say - I thought, however, it was important to add another voice to express my deep sympathy and support. I wish you find your peace, vocation and also your sleep. Find and follow your path. Help others. Don`t forget your past - it is only with our past in our mind can we see where our future is. God bless you.


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