The Key Activities of the Free Omar Campaign

The Free Omar Campaign is a grassroots organization. We will act for justice for Omar Khadr until a remedy is provided for the gross injustice of the last 17 years and until his Guantanamo ‘conviction’ is withdrawn.

In 2019 our core activities include:

  • Providing a source of reliable information - our website features factual -current and background- information, on the aspects of the case;
  • Monitoring the media - we actively encourage accurate and objective coverage of the Omar Khadr case. We call journalists to account who spread falsehoods or fake news;
  • Appealing to politics - we remind politicians on their responsibility by letter writing campaigns and visits;
  • Organizing events - we organize lectures, film screenings and demonstrations;
  • Providing flyers, cards and factsheets - we supply outreach to schools, universities, faith-based and community groups, events, in order to educate the public on facts of the case.



One comment on “The Key Activities of the Free Omar Campaign

  1. Hello , I’m from the province of Quebec and french speaking, the first day Omar was out of prison finally, I would like to say I wish to give him a big hug and say, young man, welcome in our society, you are free now, turn the page, forget all people who wish you return as fast as possible in prison and especially our dear fed government.

    Anyway, I just wish you can show up to those peoples, you can be a valuable person to the society. So take your time and you will find and you are surely in good hand and in a good familly.

    For the moment enjoy any little thing you missed in the past, that will be a miracle each time.

    Sorry to our fed government, I’m sure that’s not exactly the look they expect from you when you game out of prison, so two strike to them. Bravo.

    You know, if you want so and you feel so, there is a lot of hopeless young peoples who are desperates and you could may be talk to them.

    Thank you to all peoples behind you who make you, a free man.

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