Assault, arrest and 13 years of illegal detention of Omar

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[+] Watch CBC video (graphic) of the assault, arrest and illegal captivity of Omar Khadr 

Facts of the attack

– The first explosion of the US attack had hit Omar in the face, and he passed out during the rest of the attack, with a smashed eye and a shattered ankle.
– A US soldier soldier, who was hit by friendly fire, died shortly after the attack.

After the 4-hour firefight

– The US soldiers shot Omar twice in his back. When he was found lying unconscious -close to death- on his front, under the rubble of the bombarded building. 
– The other survivor in the compound was shot point-blank through the head. (Omar was not the sole survivor after the firefight, what the US later falsely claimed).

The US falsified the original field report to hide crucial facts in order to blame an innocent child

– In the doctored field report the US falsely blamed the 15-year-old Omar; falsely declaring that he was the sole survivor and wiping out the fact that a US grenade killed the US soldier. After six years the original unadulterated report accidentally came to light.

heavy air strikes on compound4-hour bombardment with 2,000 pounds of missiles on compound.Omar’s exit wounds, from shots in the back when found in a helpless position. U.S. soldiers shot Omar when they found him under the rubble of the bombarded building, hidden away against a wall. Shrapnel had already permanently blinded his left eye. Omar was immediately interrogated when he woke up, severely wounded, in his hospital bed in Bagram. 15-year-old Omar, hanging from his wrists in Bagram, for hours, when he didn’t give the answers they wanted.

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