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9 comments on “PETITION | FREE Omar Khadr NOW

  1. I strongly disagree with what Omar Khadr has been through, and I disagree violation of human rights that we are proud to have in Canada and everyone in this country should be looked at equal citizens and no matter what is their color, race , faith or religion.


  2. These fools can’t hold him forever and then there Will be hell to pay. Why is it that the Right thing, the obvious move, seems to be the only thing that Will never happen? FREE Omar because we live in a just society. This Would serve justice.


  3. Finaly its good to see you out of jail. Omar, you deserve to be happy. It as been years that I tough you should be free. Harper was your prison guard and for that reason the Canadian send him to hell. I hope you will have the chance to come to visit us in Québec very soon.
    Bye and good lock for the rest of your life, a long life.
    Yvon Bégin,
    Chambly Québec


    • this was a disgrace from the start.He was a BOY soldier.under the U .N. Guild lines.However Harper did not give a dam.It was all so wrong. release him NOW.


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