Romeo Dallaire on Omar Khadr and the Shameful & Cowardly Canadian Government

On March 10th, 2015, LGen Romeo Dallaire gave a talk in Halifax titled “Ending the Use of Children as Weapons of War: General Dallaire’s Ultimate Mission”. Before the event the organizers reached out to youth and individuals on Facebook to submit questions of which 3 would be posed to LGen Dallaire.

Colene Evans-Allen asks:

On the issue of Omar Khadr, we have been very divided over his case as a country, with some stating he is a child soldier and others stating he is a criminal. The overall issue of how Canada goes forward both legislatively and judicially to determine how to handle cases like Omar Khadr’s is an area that deserves to be in discussion. What legislation and legal mechanisms would you like to see Canada put in place to deal with cases such as Omar Khadr’s?

Here is LGen Romeo Dallaire’s clear response:



4 comments on “Romeo Dallaire on Omar Khadr and the Shameful & Cowardly Canadian Government

  1. Bless you, general Dallaire and Mr and Mrs Edney, for your unrelenting struggle to get justice for Omar Khadr, one of the countless tragic victims of the “war on terror” and its seemingly unending dramatic consequences.

    May at least the bail be granted, so that Omar can finally enjoy human warmth and love in what appears to be a wonderful family.

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  2. We need many Romeo Dallaires in this country to fight prejudice and stop fear mongering. A 15 year old should be treated as a fifteen year old and not as an adult. The behaviour of our government towards Omar Khadr is shameful, cowardly and above all unjust.

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  3. Stephen Harper is responsible for ignoring the law and court rulings and stopping Omar from being freed. We need to put pressure on the Conservatives to get Omar out of jail so he can start his life. This case is probably the #1 reason I despise Stephen Harper, a man of cowardice and prejudice and inhumanity. Thank you to the Edneys and Mr. Dallaire for their work.


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