Public Reaction to Government Appeal Against Omar’s Bail Decision

Free Omar Khadr Now received the following messages from the public (watch this space for continuous updates)

Friends: on April 24 I sent  you a copy of a letter I had written to Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety (I think that was Robespierre’s title during the Reign of Terror during the French revolution, when he sent hundreds to the guillotine). In that letter I protested the government announcement that it would appeal the decision of Judge June Ross to grant bail to Omar Khadr.

However, in spite of my letter (!), the wretched government is going ahead with its appeal. Even so, it is vulnerable to the expression of public concern. Please write Steven Blaney yourself ([email protected]), demanding that it abandon its appeal, and send the media release from Omar’s support team to everyone in your address book or on your e-lists.
“The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice” (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
- Donald Grayston, retired Anglican church Minister and Professor at Simon Fraser University

Highly disappointing but not surprising, purely vindictive & nonsensical - and the Cons beat goes on…  
The community support & release plan in place for Mr. Khadr is as solid as any release plan I’ve seen throughout my nearly thirty years of experience(s) - combined with negligible risk to public safety. This is yet another display of the Conservative government’s absolute disregard of Canadian law, and sensibility. when court decisions do not ‘measure up’ to their brand of ideology. Why is this government so determined to interfere with our courts decisions - the facts in this case speak for themselves. This gentleman has endured more than enough torture, it is time for justice to prevail - Release Omar Khadr!
- Lee Chapelle, President of Canadian Prison Consulting Inc.

It is time for the Canadian government to abandon its shameful and unacceptable vilification of Omar, and to accept Justice Ross’s ruling. The decision to appeal should be dropped, and Omar allowed to begin to rebuild his life free of a prison’s walls.
- Andy Worthington, historian, investigative journalist, author of Guantanamo Files

Another horrendous blow for #OmarKhadr and #Canadian #democracy. Shame on you @pmharper you tarnish our #humanrights
- Annie Hylton, international human rights lawyer


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