Meet the Real Omar Khadr

Omar Speaks: First Statement to the Canadian Public:

Transcipt of the video: Omar Speaks: ‘Freedom is way better than I thought’. The Star | May 07 2015

Next Legal Battles

At long last we are celebrating Omar’s release from prison. However, there are still legal battles ahead and the violation of Omar’s rights must be properly remedied. 
Our focus now should be on helping Omar’s lawyers with their mounting costs. 
Upcoming court challenges include:
  • May 14th - Supreme Court hearing - Federal government appeals Alberta Court’s decision that Omar is serving a Youth sentence;
  • September 2015 - Federal government’s appeal of Judge Ross’ decision to grant bail to Omar;
  • Ongoing appeal to the Court of Military Commission Review in U.S. to vacate all Guantanamo Bay “convictions”.
Please donate at

Write Omar

Many people are wanting to know how they can send cards or messages to Omar Khadr and Dennis Edney. For now, Dennis has requested that mail be sent to our group address: 
  •  [email protected] or
  • Free Omar Khadr Now Campaign, Box 57112, RPO E. Hastings, Vancouver, B.C. V5K1ZO
All messages and  letters will be forwarded to Omar and Dennis.



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