Omar in Open Court on September 23

Listen 36:00 and onwards: [+] Interview Dennis Edney about Omar’s upcoming Open Court and more current aspects about Omar’s case (duration: 00:07:25).

September 19 is Omar’s 27th birthday.

Last year on his birthday, Omar got visited by Canadian officials in Guantanamo Bay, because he would be repatriated in 10 days time. Being back in Canada hasn’t been easy, the nightmare continues. September 29, 2013, will be the one year anniversary of Omar Khadr’s repatriation from Guantanamo Bay. He remains incarcerated in maximum security prison in Edmonton Institution and his rights remain violated.

Omar’s birthday-week is again a milestone-week. Dennis Edney, Omar’s lawyer filed a brief in an Edmonton court. He is seeking to have Omar transferred from maximum security to a medium-security provincial jail. He also hopes that, for the first time, Omar Khadr will get his day in an open court. That we shall witness on September 23.

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