One comment on “Happy Birthday Omar!

  1. I’m so sorry what Harper’s Canada and his evil corporate war machine did to you Omar. You don’t deserve that.


    from The New York Times: Is Omar Khadr a threat to national security? These questions, and the way his case has been handled, reveal a great deal about the way we approach national security and detainees. Some of the Guantánamo detainees, as we know, are dangerous men. Others, like Omar Khadr, are emphatically not.

    I served 28 years in the United States Army and had the privilege of commanding thousands of troops as a brigadier general before I retired. I am also a psychiatrist who, as an expert on post-traumatic stress disorder and concussion, was asked to evaluate Mr. Khadr. I have spent hundreds of hours with him since 2008 and have thoroughly reviewed the findings of my colleagues as well as the interviews and reports by the prosecution’s experts. From my first involvement in this case, I have kept America’s national security interest foremost in my thinking and integrated it into my assessment as a psychiatric expert.


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