Why is Omar Khadr still Detained? Because They Can

The full Omar Khadr Story explained | by Heather Marsh

In this interview, Free Omar Khadr Now-member Heather Marsh, provides all necessary background and research for listeners to become fully informed about the case of Omar Khadr:


This case continues to test the Canadian government’s respect for the rule of law, its democratic institutions, and the rights of citizens. Every day that Omar Khadr is imprisoned, the Government of Canada is breaking multiple laws, treaties and agreements it has signed.

Heather exposes the lies and misinformation that are routinely spread by both the Canadian government and some members of the media.

On a personal level, we learn about Omar Khadr, a young man who has been tortured since age 15, illegally imprisoned for 13 years and denied fundamental legal and human rights. He is now going blind in a Canadian prison and will never see the land of his dreams again. Heather shares how he manages to cope with the nightmare he is forced to live.

source: Blogtalkradio.com/CanadianGlen | January 15, 2015, The View Up Here

Thank you for joining us in the struggle for justice and freedom,

The FREE Omar Khadr Now Campaign

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“Some cases enshrine the defining moments of their time. Omar Khadr’s is one. Future generations will rightly judge our shocking dereliction of responsibility in this matter [and] our collective Canadian failure to extend justice and humanity.” - Constance Backhouse, Distinguished University Professor of Law, University of Ottawa.


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