Twitterstorm #IsThisWhoWeAre | 13 years Guantanamo Bay | Free Omar Khadr Now

January 11, 2015 marks the 13th Guantanamo anniversary and let’s hope it’s the last one!

Free Omar Khadr Now are holding a TWITTERSTORM (at 4 pm EST, 5 pm EDT, 9 pm GMT) using the hashtag #IsThisWhoWeAre in conjunction with London Guantanamo Campaign.

In speeches since 2007, Obama has changed his rhetoric time and again, therefore many tweets will address all those broken promises…..

We also address Harper, who continues Omar’s 13-year nightmare with his ongoing imprisonment in Canadian detention. Harper invokes the unlawful, incriminating statements that the 15-year-old Omar was forced to make, after being severely tortured in the U.S. black sites.

If you can join the TWITTERSTORM, the prepared tweets are [ linked here ] and while we’d like it to trend at 4 pm EST, 5 pm EDT, 9 pm GMT for one hour, please feel free to use the tweets throughout the day and if other events are going on at that time please use the hashtag and share pictures/etc.


Thank you for joining us in the struggle for justice and freedom,

The FREE Omar Khadr Now Campaign

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FB please follow: Free Omar Khadr Now

“Some cases enshrine the defining moments of their time. Omar Khadr’s is one. Future generations will rightly judge our shocking dereliction of responsibility in this matter [and] our collective Canadian failure to extend justice and humanity.” - Constance Backhouse, Distinguished University Professor of Law, University of Ottawa.


One comment on “Twitterstorm #IsThisWhoWeAre | 13 years Guantanamo Bay | Free Omar Khadr Now

  1. This 15 year old BOY - as he was at the time he found himself in a shelter during a war he knew little about - has been illegally forced to waste his life in various prisons. He was a child soldier and as such should not have been treated as he has been by both Americans and officials of his native land - Canada. The whole thing is shameful. He had been studying in hopes of being able to earn a living when he finally is freed, but because he received no medical attention for an eye injury, he has lost the sight in one eye and is losing it in the other.


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