TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE FREE OMAR 2017 FUND, you have the following options:

  • 1) By Paypal: [+] FREE Omar - FUND
  • 2) By Cheque, you can send to: Free Omar Campaign; P.O. Box 57112 RPO; East Hastings Street, Vancouver; V5K 1Z0 B.C.; Canada. (Please enclose your email address)
  • 3) By Bank Deposit/Interac e-transfer: Free Omar Campaign; VanCity Credit Union, Branch 13; Account number: 531590; [email protected]

On May 7, 2015, after a 13 year imprisonment, Omar Khadr was finally freed on bail. His ordeal is far from over.

There are still legal battles ahead. The Free Omar Campaign will continue its work until Omar is completely free to come and go where he wants, and until he is acquitted of all illegitimate charges applied by the widely condemned, extrajudicial Guantanamo military ‘court’. The violation of Omar’s rights must be properly remedied.

We will continue to support Omar’s pro bono lawyers with their mounting costs.

Upcoming 2017 court challenges are:

  • Civil lawsuit against the Canadian government for complicity in his arbitrary detention and cruel and inhumane treatment at the hands of the United States;
  • Appeal to the Court of Military Commission Review in the U.S. to vacate all Omar’s Guantanamo Bay ‘convictions’.

We continue to need your help and ask you to support the Free Omar 2017 Fundraising campaign. The money goes directly to Omar’s defence with no administration fees.

Your contribution makes his defence possible and brings Omar’s case closer to justice.


Thank you!

The Free Omar Campaign.



picture Dennis and Omar; courtesy of Krishna Lalbiharie



    • Dear Ja, Thank you for asking. If you use the PayPal link on our website, it asks you to pay in CAD. You can make your donation there. PayPal will immediately convert your donation into USD on your own account.


  1. Omar, its your birthday tomorrow, September 19 and since we can’t take you out to lunch this year, we are going to use the money to help fund your defence fund. Justice is what we all want for you on your birthday.


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  7. Instead of focusing on my shame as a Canadian over Omar’s treatment, I will donate to this fund and focus on the positive…namely those Canadians who are faithful to the cause.


  8. Around the 5th of October I sent a $ 50.00 cheque in support of Mr. Khadr and I am starting to wonder what is going on . Your ” thermometer ” hasn’t moved from just over $ 20,000.00 for well over a month . All that is required here is a little update ( I’m assuming the response to your appeal for funds has surprised you , which is great for everybody involved , but how about a ” thermometer ” update ) . Thank you .

    Larry Riach


    • Hi Larry, thanks for your message and thank you very much for your support for Dennis’ work to free Omar. (Hope you received the personal thank you card we sent to the address on the cheque.) It’s indeed wonderful to see there are so many fair-minded people in Canada (and worldwide) who are helping Dennis in this important fight for fundamental justice.
      Dennis Edney will continue to represent Omar on a pro bono basis. The donations are and will be used for upcoming legal expense costs for expert witnesses, professional fees, disbursements, travel, etc.
      The fund reached 22,000 last week, which is great. We will set the barometer according to that this weekend. (To be precise about our updates: the last 21,000 update was Nov 1, (2 weeks ago) And the 20,000 update was Oct. 16.).
      Thanks again Larry.


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  13. This war crime has been supported by the Canadian government from the beginning. Khadr was subject to an attack an assault by US forces that were engaged in a war of aggression against and occupation of Afghanistan. Even if Khadr had fired a shot in self defence he had the right to do so to resist the agressor. The fact that the US forces attacked his village is a war crime. The whole purpose of the American prosecution of people who resist their invasions is to make that necessary and just resistance a crime. Canada is directly complicit in these crimes and before an international criminal tribunal would be found guilty of conspiracy to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity and violations of several Geneva conventions. He must be released unconditionally.

    Christopher Black
    International Criminal Lawyer
    Lead Counsel, Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal,
    List of Counsel, International Criminal Court
    Richmond Hill, Ontario
    [email protected]


  14. I cannot believe Omar who at the time was a 15 year old boy born and raised middle class Canadian was/is being labeled anything but a victim. His father is a terrofist who brainwashed a child named Omar!!!! I am a Harper supporter but his handling of this whole incident is disgusting!


  15. I am disgusted with Harper. What is he afraid.
    Is he afraid to hear the truth Once Omar is given Bail. Harper is not in control of Omar destiny only the almighty is in control of his destiny. PLEASE CANADIANS VOTE LIBERAL OR NDP.


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  20. Dear Mr, Khadr, Since Harper has finally been taken out of the picture, I am hopeful that, soon, your suffering will finally be over. I encourage you to concentrate on getting a good education so you can have a good, normal life, become an exemplar citizen while demonstrating how wrong the narrow minded ones have been about you.


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